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Golden Sun Dark Dawn Nintendo DS Game

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Golden Sun: Dark Dawn thrusts you into the world of Weyard where you must master the use of ‘Psynergy’ - a form of elemental magic that harnesses the power of Earth, Wind, Water and Fire - to defeat enemies and solve puzzles.

The world of Weyard has changed considerably since the last adventure, Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Continents have shifted, new countries have emerged and new species have evolved...

Now Weyard is in peril because of a new threat. Psynergy Vortexes are spreading across the world, sucking the elemental Psynergy from both the land and the power-wielding Adepts alike.

Take on the role of Matthew - an Earth Adept like his father, Isaac, the protagonist from the first Golden Sun - and team up with Tyrell, a Fire Adept and Karis, a female Wind Adept. Other characters will join the adventure during the game, along with many of the Djinn - mysterious elemental creatures that support you in battle.

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