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Company Of Heroes: Opposing Fronts is the next chapter in the critically acclaimed Company Of Heroes series.

Players take command of the German Panzer Elite as they struggle against the might of Operation Market Garden, or lead the British 2nd Army in the vicious battle for Caen, France.

The standalone title features two unique armies with full length campaigns, new multiplayer modes, DirectX 10 support, mission persistence, improved vehicle and soldier AI, enhanced physics, and a dynamic weather system. Company Of Heroes: Opposing Fronts is fully compatible with Company Of Heroes, allowing players to wage war with four unique armies.

  • Two New Armies: Opposing Fronts introduces two new armies to the battlefields of Company Of Heroes. Command the dogged British 2nd Army or take charge of the pride of the Werhmacht, the Panzer Elite.
  • Two Full Single-Player Campaigns: Play as the Germans! Fight for the Liberation of Caen as the British. Repel the largest Airborne operation in history as the Panzer Elite during Operation Market Garden. For the first time, players get to play as the Germans in single-player!
  • Multiplayer-compatible with Company Of Heroes! Opposing Fronts takes the battle online with full multiplayer compatibility with the original Company Of Heroes for a total of four unique armies.
  • Company of Heroes Evolved: Pushing real-time strategy further with single-player mission persistence, dynamic weather and lighting that directly affects combat.


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Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts PC Game

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